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Opinion: Celebrating “The Fourth” on the First Monday in July Makes More Sense

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The Fourth of July is all bout celebrating when we declared our independence and became a nation. But some folks think it’d be better to move the celebration to the first Monday in July, and I gotta say, they got some good reasons.

This is going to lay out them reasons why moving the Fourth of July to the first Monday just makes more sense for all of us Americans. One of the biggest perks of moving the Fourth of July to the first Monday is that it gives us more time to party! By having a long weekend every year, we can have a bigger celebration and do more fun stuff with our families and friends.

We can travel, have barbecues, and do all sorts of activities to show our patriotism. Plus, it brings us all together and makes us feel closer as a nation.

Now, let’s talk money. Moving the Fourth of July to the first Monday means more greenbacks for everyone. With a longer weekend, folks are gonna be spending more on hotels, food, and all them other things that go with celebrating. It’s gonna give a boost to local businesses, bring in more tourists, and create more jobs. Ain’t nothing wrong with having a bit of extra dough in our pockets, right?

Not everyone can celebrate the Fourth of July on a specific date. Some folks gotta work or got other commitments that get in the way. But if we move it to the first Monday, more people can join in the fun. It’s gonna make it easier for those with different work schedules or family obligations to be part of the celebrations. We all deserve a chance to show our American pride, no matter what our schedule is like.

Right now, celebrating the Fourth of July on a fixed date can cause a whole lot of confusion and mess things up. It messes with work schedules, makes it hard to plan events, and throws things off balance. But if we set it on the first Monday, it’s gonna be a lot easier for everyone. We’ll know exactly when it’s coming, and we can plan ahead without all the headaches. Consistency and simplicity make life a whole lot easier for all of us.

Tom Woodley, Summerfield

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