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Ocala Traffic Stop Results In Drug Trafficking Arrest

On July 13, Ocala Police Officer Boyd conducted a traffic stop and detected the smell of marijuana emanating from the vehicle. Officer Boyd requested assistance and Officer Moorehead arrived to provide support.

During the stop, Officer Boyd observed the front seat passenger, Darius Douglas, 31, open and close the center console, but its contents remained unseen. Upon searching the vehicle, a large quantity of MDPV—about 500 grams—was discovered inside the center console, along with cologne believed to belong to Mr. Douglas.

Based on the investigation, it was determined that the odor of marijuana in the car was attributed to Mr. Douglas smoking before getting into the vehicle. Additionally, it was established that the female driver did not know about the drugs in Mr. Douglas’ possession. Officer Boyd had sufficient grounds to arrest Mr. Douglas for trafficking MDPV.

Furthermore, two young children were present in the rear seat of the vehicle during the traffic stop. Officer Moorehead obtained information regarding the children and contacted the Department of Children and Families.

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