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Opinion: Frustrated By Technology, Automated Kiosks

Letter to the editor:

I’m tired of our society’s over reliance on technology. It seems like everywhere I turn, I am confronted with the need to embrace gadgets just to function in this modern world. I especially hate the automated ordering kiosks at fast food places. I dislike the fact that we must adapt to these newfangled contraptions just to grab a quick bite to eat.

In my day, ordering food was a simple interaction. We would walk up to a friendly cashier and order with ease.

These automated kiosks assume that everyone is tech-savvy and comfortable with touchscreens. But for those of us who grew up in a different era, with rotary phones and typewriters, it is a challenge just to navigate the menu options. It feels like our age and lack of technological skills are held against us.

I made a recent visit to Belleview’s Taco Bell, where I wanted to order a $5 promotion that I saw advertised on television. I was told that this special was only valid for online “in app” purchases. Again, my age and unfamiliarity with technology were held against me and I paid double what I had anticipated.

I miss when life was simpler and human interaction was valued. Now, we find ourselves with all of these devices that demand our attention. The pressure to adapt and keep up with all of this is exhausting, especially for those of us who were not raised in this digital era.

From smartphones to online banking and automated customer service, it feels like the world expects us all to be tech-savvy and use a maze of screens and buttons. And what about those of us who struggle to understand these gadgets and find ourselves overwhelmed? We are just left behind.

Businesses in general need to reconsider their use of automated technology and all of this digital stuff. We retired people have contributed to society and deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.

Debra Wade

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