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Letters to the Editor – 08/03/23

Urban Sprawl Crushing Our Rural Home

As a concerned resident, I write to share my opinions on the rapid growth and development that have impacted our region. It all started with the growth of Disney World and the urban sprawl in Orlando that has ultimately began to land on our feet here in Marion County.

While there is no denying the economic success of Disney and all of the commerce that followed, the transformation of our once serene and picturesque rural areas into bustling urban landscapes has left me feeling disgusted. Particularly concerning are large housing developments like The Villages and the influx of seasonal residents.

Rural Marion County has long been a place of natural beauty and close-knit communities. However, the surge in housing developments and the increasing number of seasonal residents have brought significant changes. While growth and progress are inevitable, it is crucial to consider the long-term effects of such developments on our environment, infrastructure, and local culture.

The rise of large-scale housing projects like The Villages has undoubtedly brought economic benefits and opportunities for many. However, we must also acknowledge the challenges posed by unchecked urban sprawl, which will impact the our delicate ecosystems, already crowded traffic patterns and deplete our water resources.

As more rural areas get absorbed into the urban sprawl, tight-knit rural communities will be displaced. As well as the horror of all of the extra traffic we will all have to endure. The influx of seasonal residents can put a strain on local resources and infrastructure during peak seasons, affecting the quality of life for both residents and visitors. I don’t want my home to become another Orlando.

Thomas Hail


Biden Has No Business Running Again

Joe Biden isn’t the right choice for the good of the county and it is hard to believe the Democrats won’t run somebody else.

First off, he’s getting way up there in age. We need a leader with plenty of energy and stamina to run this great nation. It’s time for some fresh blood, someone with a bit more pep in their step.

He talks about unity, but it seems like all he’s doing is dividing folks more and more. We need a president who can bring us together, not drive us apart like a herd of wild cattle.

And don’t even get me started on the border issues. It’s like the floodgates done opened, and folks are pouring in from all over. Now, I’m all for helping folks, but we gotta take care of our own first, don’t you think? We need a president who can secure our borders and protect our own, not just let anyone and everyone in.

Politicians like to spout off all them promises, but we need someone who’s gonna put America first, protect our rights, and make us proud to be Americans again. I may not be a political analyst, but I know that Joe Biden is not the one for this country. He needs to enjoy this time in his life, and his family should be ashamed for letting him hold office at his age.

Let’s find us a candidate who’s gonna get this country back on track and make us all proud to be red, white, and blue.

Travis M.


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