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Semi-trailer flips over I75 rail, spills hazardous materials

(Photos: Ocala Police Department)

All lanes on Blichton Rd. near the I-75 interchange were blocked early Tuesday morning due to hazardous materials spill on the roadway. Please use an alternate route in your travels since this area of Blitchton Rd. will be closed for several hours.

Vehicles can enter I-75 northbound lanes from Blitchton Rd. The southbound I-75 exit at Blitchton Rd. is blocked.

Last night, just after 11 p.m., a semi tractor hauling over 21 tons of sulfur fertilizer was traveling southbound on I-75 and became entangled with a passenger vehicle just north of the interchange. The collision caused the semi tractor to skid alongside the overpass guard rail where it then separated from the cab and flipped over the rail and onto the south shoulder of Blitchton Rd. spilling all of the hazardous material. Multiple agencies responded, including the FL State DEP. Clean up efforts are currently underway and expected to take several more hours until the roadway can be opened.

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