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Weirsdale Bees Relocate To A New Home, Bring Their Honey With Them

It was a warm, sunny day, that first generation Beekeeper, Mason Baumel, of Summerfield, Florida, choose to relocate approximately 20,000 bees along with a large amount of liquid gold, sweet honey!

I met Mason, at a local business in Weirsdale on Monday, August 7, 2023, and he was already suited up and at work trying to calm the bees with smoke. Mason made several openings in the cinder block of the building where he found the bees through thermal imaging and worked with them, calming them, taking great care to keep them safe and happy.

A local Weirsdale business owner, Gregory Eatmon, called Mason, about removing this large hive, that was causing bees to get in the building. There has been honey bees living in the concrete block of the building since 2021. Mason started the removal and finished it the same day. Anything Mason has to do to the building is also promptly repaired before he leaves, he does it all, from beginning to end.

Next, a bee vacuum (dry vac) is used to collect and store the bees safely for transport. Once Mason removes the bees, the Queen and the hive, Mason fills the cavity were the bees were living to help deter future bee colonies from wanting to move in. The holes are then repaired with concrete and the building is officially honey bee free.

The colony in the bee vac is then transported to Mason’s local bee yard to be treated for mites and requeened to ensure they aren’t a threat to Mason or the communities in my area. The colony will stay at that bee yard until they are healthy and large enough to go out for pollination the next season.

For more information on live bee removal, or any of the other services Mason Baumel offered at Synergy Farms, such as livestock, hatching eggs, fresh raw honey, honey bees, beehives and pollination, you can contact him at 352-286-9410 or check out the farms Facebook page at


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