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Firefighters extinguish vehicle fire at Home Depot

(Photos: Ocala Fire Rescue)

Alert drivers, good samaritans, and a fast response contributed to the prevention of injuries and structure damages when a vehicle fire was reported at Home Depot.

On Saturday, August 26, at approximately 2:28 p.m. Engine 4 and Rescue 4 were dispatched to a vehicle fire at 3300 SW 35th Terrace.

Upon arrival units found an SUV with a front compartment engulfed in flames, parked in front of the store, and citizens fighting the fire with extinguishers.

Crews deployed a hose line, extinguishing the fire within minutes.

After the fact, crews learned that the driver of the SUV had pulled into the store’s parking area after another driver honked their horn in an effort to get his attention. Exiting the vehicle, the driver of the SUV understood why the other driver was so persistent – the SUV was on fire.

Thanks to everyone’s immediate actions, a (potentially major) crisis was averted and no injuries were reported.

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