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Letters to the Editor: 08/31/23

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Lawfare vs. the People

Lawfare vs. the People Seriously? So, Democrats control the White House, and federal and county law enforcement agencies are prosecuting the leading opposition candidate for president in four judicial venues from now until, if not through election day 2024? All charges stem from allegations two or more years old? Why have all of these indictments popped up since April?

All the trial venues are heavily weighted with Democrat voters who will fill the jury pools. Two of the District Attorneys who brought indictments ran their elections promising to prosecute former President Trump. Woke media from coast to coast and all Trump-haters have pronounced Trump guilty of all charges. There’s no scintilla of a presumption of innocence among them. The deck is stacked against Mr. Trump.

What has the former president done? It’s not like he bribed Ukrainian authorities with one billion taxpayer dollars to protect his son from prosecution in Ukraine, is it? He didn’t raise the inflation rate to a forty year high in less than one year, did he? He’s not sending a billion dollars per year to the Taliban in Afghanistan, is he? And, he didn’t open the southern border to millions illegal aliens including terrorists on watch lists and immigrants from nearly 100 nations?

Apparently, whatever the former president did was so bad that all the resources of the federal government, the Democrat Party, and the woke media are martialing against him and anyone who supports him. As the former president has said: “They are not coming after me, they’re coming after you. I just happen to be standing in their way.” Could that be true?

Some news media have alleged former President Trump instigated an insurrection at the Capitol January 6, 2021. If so, it was poorly planned. How many guns were the “insurrectionists” carrying? Thousands? No, out of the thousands of rioters that day only a few had weapons of any kind. Of course the majority Democratic House appointed a January 6 committee to investigate what happened. What happened? We don’t know. But, Republicans in the House are investigating now.

The highlight of last week’s persecutions … uh, prosecutions was no doubt Trump’s mugshot at the Fulton County jail in Georgia. Did District Attorney Fani Willis intend to humiliate or belittle Trump? After all, she’s a county official prosecuting a man who at the time of the charge was still President of the United States. That’s quite a gold star for her wall of fame!

Regardless, upon release of the mugshot the Internet bloomed with all kinds of novelties bearing the image of a very serious Donald Trump. Instantaneously the image has become a rallying point for Trump supporters and has fired up his followers even more than each of the indictments. So far, everything the Democrats and media have done to prevent Trump from running and winning the presidency has boosted his national poll numbers.

The 2024 presidential election is shaping up to be about the power of government over the people. Look out for more emergencies that will suspend constitutional order. A new variant of Covid is bringing warnings of emergency mandates and lockdowns. Ballot harvesting and other election shenanigans will likely raise alarms on both sides. Can this lawfare scheme take out Democrats’ number one opponent? If so, the rest of us had better beware.

Daniel L. Gardner is a columnist who lives in Starkville, MS. You may contact him at


Opinion: Murder Of The Unborn

America has become so morally corrupt that some who claim to be 100% Pro-Life, and participated in the First Republican Presidential Debate, seemed willing to accept murdering babies through the 15th week of pregnancy.                        

One of the participants claimed that those who support “total ban on abortion” cannot be elected in this country.  If she/or he is correct, it shows the high point of ungodliness America has attained.

Perhaps instead of us calling it aborting an unborn Fetus, we should call it what it really is, “murdering an innocent unborn human baby.”  God has not given anyone, male or female, the right to kill an innocent baby.    

If a person is a supporter of Abortion (murdering unborn babies) quit being so proud of yourself, you have the blood of innocent babies on your hands.  Not saying this in condemnation, but as a suggestion, to seek God in repentance.  Because supporting the mass murder of innocent unborn babies makes you a participant in murder, and that makes you a murderer!              

America is getting full of murderers and many other forms of ungodliness, such a homosexually, mass stealing, assaulting innocent humans and our police.   One can go on and on!

In America, and in the World, disrespect of God and his just laws, has reached an almost unbelievable point.  In our own country, disrespect for human life, is a daily occurrence.  Those who holler the loudest about taking the guns away from people, and blame the guns instead of the shooters, are generally those who support murdering the innocent unborn.    

Those folks are the biggest murderous around, and many are in our states and federal government, including the highest office in our land.  They obviously do not know God, or the Word of God, or they purposedly disobey His laws.       

Manuel Ybarra, Jr

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