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City of Belleview Solves Longstanding RV Drama

By Bryce Abshier – Contact

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Beginning in March of this year, the Voice initially published an article regarding a dilapidated RV, along with its troublesome tenant, who caused many problems for the residents of SE 55th Court in Belleview. According to neighbors, the nightmare has finally ended thanks to a new ordinance and peace has been restored.

The claims against the RV dweller were disturbing. Neighbors say that the man would cause late night ruckus by screaming outside. Some in the neighborhood have even claimed that he would also peer through the windows of other homes and dump human waste outside of his RV.

The problematic RV was reviewed at a Code Board Hearing held last April, where code enforcement officials spoke on this case. “This gentleman apparently has been a nuisance to the neighborhood and there are some concerns about mental health, possible addictions. The Chief of Police did state that they have removed the man from the property on several occasions under Baker Acts,” a City of Belleview code enforcement employee explained at the Code Board Hearing.

At that same hearing, the property was found to be in violation and fines began to accrue for the property owner where the RV sat. Once the fines reached their allotted maximum of $5,000, a lien was placed on the property by the City of Belleview. This did not grant the neighborhood any relief though, as the RV and tenant stayed put on the property.

Things later took a turn for the worse, as a second adult male tenant came to call the RV home.

After months of kicking various ideas around, City Attorney Fred Landt crafted a strategy that could potentially inconvenience the property owner enough to have the RV removed – the issuance of a citation to appear in court.

The Belleview City Commission recently passed Ordinance 2023-13, which provides as an alternative code enforcement procedure the issuance of a citation, summons, or notice to appear in court. A neighborhood source of SE 55th Court indicated that the property owner became concerned with the idea of receiving a notice to appear and finally decided to take corrective action. Reportedly, the RV was hauled off and scrapped in exchange for $1,100.00. As for the troublesome tenant, neighbors say the man is currently in jail with a next hearing scheduled for October 30. So for the time being, the neighborhood is enjoying a time of peace.

A pair of SE 55th Court residents, who had become regulars at Belleview City Commission meetings to voice their displeasure with the situation, shared the great news at a recent meeting. “The motor home is gone! Hallelujah,” said one elated neighbor, who sounded like she may have just won the lottery.

Neighbors say that no block party is immediately planned to celebrate this time of prosperity on SE 55th Court.

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