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Belleview prohibits permitted Sunday construction

By Bryce Abshier – Contact

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At Tuesday’s meeting of the Belleview City Commission, the topic of prohibiting permitted construction on Sundays was again a topic of debate. At a previous meeting, the first reading Ordinance 2023- 17 passed by a measure of 4-1. With the final reading passing on Tuesday, permitted construction is no longer allowed in Belleview on Sundays.

The idea behind this ordinance, as discussed at earlier meetings, is to offer relief for Belleview residents from noisy weekend construction.

Belleview Mayor Christine Dobkowski, who offered the one dissenting vote at the first reading, explained why she was again opposed to this ordinance. “I voted no for this at the last meeting and I plan to vote no again,” she said.

“Some of our top employers in the city, that employee the most people in the City of Belleview, Winn Dixie, Publix, Express Care, McDonalds, Mojos, Roses, Zaxbys, Hardees, Pasta Faire, Gary Yeomans Ford, Autozone… the one thing they all have in common is they’re all open on Sunday,” explained Dobkowski.

“What we’re doing here is creating an ordinance so that our citizens can quietly enjoy their day off on Sunday and what I found is, how many of our citizens are really off on Sunday?,” she asked.

“We’re prohibiting an entire industry from working on a day so they don’t disturb the people who aren’t even home because they’re at work at all of these businesses in the city that are actually open.”

Others on the commission explained why they’re in favor of prohibiting permitted construction on Sundays. “It’s the concrete trucks and the nail guns,’ said Commissioner Goldman. “That’s what people need a break from. It’s hot in the summertime, those concrete trucks roll in at 5:00 in the morning and they wake up your kids.”

“Nobody wants the concrete truck to be pouring a slab at 5:30 on a Sunday morning,” Goldman went on. “I can’t think of anybody who is like ‘Yeah, I’m okay with it.’ So there, Sunday is just a day that we picked to give our citizens a break from it.”

The final reading was passed at a 4-1 vote, with minor amendments made by the city attorney. Mayor Dobkowski was the one vote opposed.

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Plans for Christmas Parade discussed:

Plans are underway for the Belleview Christmas Parade that will take place on Sunday, December 3. The parade organizer, Sue Mosley of Ocala, addressed the Belleview City Commission with an update of progress.

Mosley, who organizes the Belleview Christmas Parade as well as Ocala, said that “Hopefully this parade this year will be longer than last year.”

“I’m very grateful to your staff and your police department, they have been wonderful in helping me orchestrate this this year,” said Mosley.

Florida Express Environmental, the residential garbage collector for all City of Belleview residents, has offered a truck to carry all of the commissioners at the front of the parade.

Any potential volunteers or sponsors who’d like to contribute may email or visit

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