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Local woman authors children’s book series

By Bryce Abshier – Contact

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Local author Sharon Leino has discovered an exciting way to channel her passion for writing and big imagination. Leino, a resident of Summerfield, has now published a children’s book series called Adventures in Lusair. The three installments of the series include Scaredy, Wandering Ears, and Tame That Flame.

According to Leino, extra free time upon retirement rekindled her love of writing. She has been a full time resident of Florida for 7 years, originally coming from upper Michigan near Lake Superior.

“I started writing when we retired,” explained Leino. “My husband was a little bit older than I, so I thought I needed to do something else.” She originally moved to Florida for the medical facilities here that treated her late husband. Leino acted as his caregiver for 15 years, and when her husband passed she wondered what she’d do with all of her time. Then, Leino says, God opened a door. She received an invitation to a writer’s retreat where she was inspired to return to a story that she began 20 years before. After a lot of writing and rewriting, the Adventures in Lusair came to life as the books were published by Flint Hills Publishing of Topeka, Kansas.

The books each tackle topics that trouble children, as well as adults. Scaredy shows an adventure of conquering fears and finding inner power, Wandering Ears explores the perils of poor listening, and Tame That Flame describes a fantastical quest in dealing with anger.

Leino explained that “Parents need to realize, it’s important for children to have imagination. That’s how we problem-solve.” These engaging children’s stories take on challenges that everyone faces in a fun, fantastical way. “They’re not lecturing at all,” said Leino. “It’s all about the kids and their adventures.”

To pick up your copy, visit The books are also available at Barnes & Noble in Ocala and The Villages. A book signing ceremony, complete with cake, is planned at the Book Nook on Saturday, December 9 from 10:00 am to Noon. The Book Nook is located at 6007 SE Earp Rd, Belleview.

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