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‘The Bass Is Killing Us’: Neighbors Bothered By Bar Noise

By Bryce Abshier – Contact

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At a recent meeting of the Belleview City Commission, a SE 110th Lane resident of Belleview voiced her frustration with loud music coming from a pair of bars at a nearby plaza. The plaza in question, located on Highway C-25, features two bars: Opus Bar and Billiards and the more recently opened Tropical Vibes Restaurant and Bar.

The resident directed her discontent at the commission during her alloted three-minute speaking time before being silenced (the three-minute speaking allotment is standard for residents at Belleview City Commission meetings).

“I would not be back here today, to any of these meetings actually, except for the fact that this commission passed a construction noise ordinance but you all forgot one thing,” the resident explained. “Construction noise stops eventually.”

She was referring to recently adopted Belleview legislation that prohibits permitted construction in Belleview on Sundays due to noise complaints. “I am all for the ordinance, but what about the rest of us in our neighborhoods who do not get a single day or night without bass pounding through their homes,” she asked. “Y’all seemed perfectly fine to accept… passing an ordinance to protect citizens in your own neighborhoods because it affects you. But if it doesn’t affect you, it doesn’t seem like you care. We need a noise ordinance in the city,” the unhappy Belleview resident suggested.

Many residential units on SE 110th Lane in Belleview are only a few feet away from these booming late-night hotspots, with little buffer between the property lines.

According to the resident, matters have gone from bad to worse since the opening of Tropical Vibes Restaurant and Bar, which began operations in October of this year. It is located in what many will remember as the longtime location of Cal’s Place Restaurant. “Now we have two bars in one parking lot here in Belleview. Both bars are competing for who is the loudest,” she explained. “We are stuck in the middle and we are told by officers that respond there is nothing that the police can do. They are operating during their normal business hours and they are allowed to do whatever they want. Take it up with the city.”

During her speech, the resident also indicated that she had been told things like “If she can’t handle it, she should stay at a hotel” and perhaps she should even sell her home. “I should not have to leave the home that I own just to have eight hours of quiet,” the woman stated, in a request that most adults would find to be reasonable. “The (music) vibrations shake our home. The bass is killing us.”

Again, the resident cited a recently adopted construction-related ordinance that was passed due to noise complaints. “As it was pointed out when you passed the construction noise ordinance… we have the right to peaceful enjoyment of our property.”

After the fiery speech, commissioners gathered their thoughts. “They don’t have much of a buffer over there, it’s just a wooden fence,” explained Belleview’s Development Services Director.

“It was built quite awhile ago, that’s the problem, there wasn’t any kind of buffer set at that time,” explained Commissioner Bo Smith. “Trust me when I say, none of us like it either,” Smith explained. “There must not have been much of an offset requirement at that time, because that building is right there.”

Belleview Police Chief Terry Holland said he foresaw noise issues coming up related to the plaza. “I knew this was going to come back up with Tropical Cafe, because they have karaoke contests, they have live music,” he said.

Mayor Christine Dobkowski said that she and city staff would work to find a solution. “We’re going to put our heads together and see if there is something else we can do,” Dobkowski explained.

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  1. Jeannie DeGroff on December 23, 2023 at 9:07 am

    Tropical Vibes parking lot is along my side yard, so yes the music is way too loud. My other concern is they have extended the parking lot up to my fence, I don’t want a customer coming out intoxicated(they are a bar) and coming through my fence, that is enclosed and my dog is in that yard not all the time granted. I just fear the worst.

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