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Letter: Weirsdale’s historical atmosphere in jeopardy

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Weirsdale’s current population is just under 3,000 people with a small town vibe still very much in place. Even with the influx of people to Central FL daily, Weirsdale still maintains a historical atmosphere of yesteryears.

That may all soon change. Grand Oaks Resort (3000 Marion County Rd. Weirsdale FL, 32195) brought forth a proposal to the Lake County Commissioners this year (2023) to develop the 400 acre equestrian oasis into a high density housing development of 800 mobile homes. Lake County didn’t entertain the proposal for multiple reasons. But that didn’t deter Grand Oaks owner and billionaire Tom Golisano. Instead his representatives brought forth the proposal to the township of Lady Lake. Their goal is to be annexed into the township of Lady Lake and then rezoned for the development.

This 400 acre property sits, completely surrounded, by agricultural properties and farms. This would be like taking a slice of the city and placing it into the middle of a rural community. If this annexation and rezone take place the impact on the small town of Weirsdale will be astronomical.

The intersection of C25 and Hwy 42 are already taxed with commuters everyday, so many that you can sit at that intersection through multiple light cycles before you get your chance to go. There is no infrastructure in place to handle the thousands of people and vehicles this development of 800 mobile homes would bring.

We need the residents of Weirsdale to come to the Lady Lake commissioner meetings and have their voices heard because this will directly affect them!


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