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Another day, another gun violence threat at Marion County Public Schools

For the second consecutive day, gun violence threats again circulated on social media platforms regarding specific targets at various schools throughout Marion County. This time, reportedly, the named targets were specific teachers.

A statement released on Facebook by Marion County Public Schools read “We are tracking a new social media threat received by several of our schools, this time mentioning specific teachers on multiple campuses. The Marion County Sheriff’s Office and Ocala Police Department continue to investigate the person responsible.”

“There is an increased law-enforcement presence at the schools today. Additional law enforcement officers will be on many campuses today as additional support.

A separate Facebook statement from Marion County Sheriff’s Office indicated “We are investigating another social media threat mentioning several schools and specific teachers on multiple campuses.”

Marion County Public Schools officials said that these disruptions to the education of local children are not being taken lightly.

“These disruptions are not acceptable and we are putting forth every effort to help law enforcement catch the person responsible and hold them accountable in every way possible, including arrest and convictions. These interruptions to our student learning must be taken seriously, and we realize the inconvenience they cause. We appreciate your patience as we move forward with learning and understand your concerns for student safety.”

“This remains paramount to everything we do – keeping our campuses safe.”

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