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Belleview Rattlers welcome new mascots, seeking names

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In a delightful announcement, Belleview High School has proudly introduced two new additions to the Rattler Family – brand new mascots!

The catch? They’re nameless, and that’s where the students, alumni, and community come in. The school is reaching out to all students, alumni, and the local community, urging them to lend a hand in naming these spirited mascots.

Ready your creative hats and share your suggestions. The school will be accepting name ideas throughout the week. Let the naming festivities begin.

A few of the popular suggestions already made include: Riley and Diamond, Rascal and Holly Rattler, Razzle (boy) & Dazzle (girl), Rowdy and Roxy, Dusky and Pygmy, Riley and Reagan, Diamond and Copper, Fang & Diamond, Riley and Smiley, Rosy and Ripley, and Randy and Rhonda.


(Thoughts? Submit a letter to the editor here.)

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