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Manhunt underway for suspect in home invasion robbery

Authorities are actively seeking the whereabouts of 55-year-old Robert Leroy Connor II, who is the prime suspect in a harrowing case involving Home Invasion Robbery, False Imprisonment, and Grand Theft Auto.

The incident dates back to June when Connor, displaying signs of distress, approached a residence on Field Crest Street in The Villages. Seemingly seeking refuge, he requested a drink of water from an elderly couple who kindly obliged. What started as a seemingly innocuous encounter took a dark turn when Connor, after borrowing their phone and some cash, escalated the situation by demanding more money and attempting to extract the victims’ bank account information.

The situation turned violent as Connor brandished a weapon, proceeding to tie up the victims, including securing one victim to a wheelchair. Amidst the chaos, the victims managed to break free and locked Connor in the garage while he was rummaging through their home. Undeterred, Connor forcibly exited by kicking the door open, subsequently fleeing the scene in the victims’ stolen car.

Law enforcement swiftly initiated an investigation, collecting crucial DNA and fingerprint evidence from both the crime scene and the abandoned vehicle. Recent developments reveal that the DNA evidence conclusively identifies Robert Leroy Connor II as the perpetrator.

In a direct appeal to the suspect, authorities urge Connor to do the right thing and turn himself in. The gravity of his actions is emphasized, as the community of Marion County is now aware of the details of the crime, and public cooperation is expected in bringing him to justice.

Citizens are encouraged to assist in the search for Connor by providing any information regarding his whereabouts. Call 352-732-9111 for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, or remain anonymous by contacting Crime Stoppers of Marion County at 352-368-STOP (7867), mentioning tip number 24-04. A cash reward may be offered for tips leading to Connor’s arrest.

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