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Marion County firefighters combat trailer blaze

(Photos: Marion County Fire Rescue)

On the evening of January 30, 2024, the Marion County Fire Rescue (MCFR) engaged in a fierce battle against a trailer fire that erupted in the 15000 block of NE 154th LN, Fort McCoy. The distress call, received at 5:53 pm, painted a dire picture, with the 911 caller describing both smoke and flames engulfing the residence. The gravity of the situation became apparent even before the arrival of emergency units, as Salt Springs Engine #15 reported a large black column of smoke emanating from the vicinity.

Promptly responding to the emergency, Engine #15 reached the scene at 6:08 pm, swiftly followed by Battalion Chief #1, Battalion Chief #2, Engine #19, Engine #2, Rescue #15, Rescue #19, Heavy Rescue #2, Tanker #19, Tanker #2, and Tanker #11. Battalion Chief #1 took command and assessed the situation, reporting a fully involved trailer upon arrival. Firefighters wasted no time, gaining access through a gated fence and launching a defensive attack on the relentless blaze.

The tireless efforts of the MCFR personnel resulted in the successful containment of the fire, declared under control at 7:48 pm. Despite the intensity of the incident, no injuries were reported among civilians or the valiant firefighters at the scene.

As the embers smoldered, the cause and origin of the fire became subjects of investigation, with authorities working diligently to unravel the circumstances surrounding this destructive event. The MCFR’s swift and coordinated response stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment to public safety, ensuring that both lives and property are safeguarded in the face of adversity.

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