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School Shooting Threat Thwarted: Ocala Police Apprehend 14-Year-Old Student

In a critical incident that unfolded on February 1, Ocala police Detective Drake apprehended a 14-year-old middle school student for making a shooting threat on Snapchat directed at Howard Middle School. The alarming Snapchat post, dated January 20, was brought to the attention of school administration and OPD SRO Secor on January 23 by vigilant students.

The ensuing investigation led authorities to the teenage suspect, who now faces a felony charge of WRITTEN THREATS TO KILL OR DO BODILY HARM.

Emphasizing the importance of school safety, law enforcement underscores the seriousness with which such threats are taken. The public is urged to immediately contact law enforcement upon encountering any threat, particularly those targeting educational institutions. Parents and guardians are encouraged to educate their children about the gravity of social media threats.

Commendations are extended to Officer Secor, Detective Drake, and the vigilant students who promptly alerted OPD to this threat. Collective efforts play a crucial role in maintaining the safety of our schools. A resounding message echoes: “If you see something, say something!”

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