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Woman breaks table, spits at nurse, attacks deputy

In a recent incident, Deputy Larson swiftly responded to a disturbance at a residence on SE 107th Court involving Cianna Gutbrod allegedly breaking a glass table. Upon arriving, deputies discovered that Cianna, who was on the victim’s property, took matters to a disturbing level when confronted by a neighbor. Witnesses reported that she resorted to using a golf club to damage the table.

Cianna was promptly arrested on charges of criminal mischief and transported to the jail. However, the situation took an unexpected turn within the confines of the sally port. While there, Cianna feigned a drug overdose, prompting authorities to transfer her to the hospital for evaluation.

At the medical facility, Cianna’s behavior continued to escalate as she reportedly spat on a nurse and, shockingly, assaulted Deputy Larson by smashing his arm with a bed frame. Subsequently, Cianna faced additional charges and was returned to the confines of the jail.

The incident highlights the challenges law enforcement can face in responding to and managing escalating situations, even within controlled environments.

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