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Sunset Harbor Road pursuit ends in P.I.T. maneuver

Marion County Sheriff’s Office faced a high-stakes situation when Lieutenant Thoresen located a stolen vehicle in the vicinity of SE Sunset Harbor Road and Highway 441. The swift response of law enforcement personnel showcased their tactical expertise in bringing the incident to a close.

Deputy Weaver strategically deployed stop sticks ahead of the stolen vehicle, while Deputy Ricketts and Deputy Giddens initiated a traffic stop. The driver, identified as Lamar Pollock, chose to flee the scene. However, his attempt to escape was short-lived as he promptly collided with the stop sticks, affecting all four tires.

In a coordinated effort to safely end the pursuit, law enforcement executed a Precision Immobilization Technique (P.I.T.). This tactical maneuver successfully brought Pollock’s vehicle to a stop. Following the intervention, Lamar Pollock was placed under arrest and subsequently transported to jail.

The incident highlights the effectiveness of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office in swiftly and safely apprehending suspects involved in criminal activities, ensuring the safety of the community and law enforcement officers.

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