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Three children, ages 12 to 14, arrested for Marion County school shooting threats

On January 22, concerns about the safety of Marion County schools reached a critical point when the Ocala Police Department received reports of threats. Students from Forest, Vanguard, and North Marion high schools were targeted with alarming texts, emanating from an unidentified number, threatening school shootings and bombings.

The investigation, spearheaded by OPD Detective Drake, unfolded with determination and precision. Detective Drake’s efforts led to the identification of three young suspects located in Peoria, Illinois, who were traced as the source of the threats. In a collaborative effort with the Peoria Police Department, the suspects, aged 12, 13, and 14, were thoroughly interviewed and subsequently arrested for their involvement in the disturbing threats against Marion County schools.

The success of this operation is attributed to the seamless cooperation between law enforcement agencies and the exemplary investigative work carried out by Detective Drake. The incident underscores the importance of school safety as a top priority for the Ocala Police Department. Authorities emphasize the seriousness of such threats and urge the community to report any similar incidents promptly.

“We are grateful for the cooperation of the Peoria Police, and the great investigative work done by Detective Drake!” emphasizes the Ocala Police Department, reiterating the collective commitment to ensuring the safety of educational institutions. Authorities also stress the significance of community vigilance, encouraging individuals to promptly contact law enforcement if they encounter any threats, especially those targeting schools.

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