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Firefighters Execute Daring Boat Rescue on Ocklawaha River


(Photos: Marion County Fire Rescue)

In a dramatic turn of events on Saturday, February 2, 2024, at 11:56 am, Marion County Fire Rescue (MCFR) units sprang into action following reports of a boating accident on the Ocklawaha River, located south of the Moss Bluff Dam.

The incident unfolded as a boat carrying four individuals collided with a lone fisherman’s vessel, resulting in the capsizing of the latter and inflicting severe injuries upon the occupant. Swiftly responding to the distress call, firefighters stationed at Weirsdale Station #27 commandeered a vessel to reach the scene promptly and initiate emergency medical treatment for the injured party.

Demonstrating their specialized expertise, MCFR’s Special Operations Team swiftly deployed Boat 82 to navigate the river’s currents and retrieve the injured individual. Amidst challenging conditions, the team executed a flawless rescue operation, carefully transporting the patient back to the dock for further medical assessment.

The severity of the victim’s injuries prompted MCFR to declare a “Trauma Alert,” indicating the critical nature of the situation. Without hesitation, the patient was swiftly transferred to a nearby trauma hospital for urgent medical attention, facilitated by the seamless coordination of emergency responders on site.

The collaborative efforts of various MCFR units ensured a comprehensive response to the boating accident, with Engine 27, Battalion Chief 3, Tower 2, Hazmat Response 2, Rescue 27, Boat 82, and Grass Unit 18 all playing integral roles in the successful execution of the rescue mission.

As the community reflects on this daring rescue, MCFR’s unwavering commitment to safeguarding lives in times of crisis stands as a testament to their professionalism and dedication to serving the public.

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