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Driver arrested for DUI after passing out in middle of Highway 25

In a concerning incident on E Highway 25, Marion County’s Corporal Robert Young swiftly responded to reports of a driver found passed out in his vehicle, obstructing traffic in the 9400 block.

Upon arrival at the scene, Corporal Young encountered William Katrishen, the driver in question, and immediately detected evident signs of impairment. Recognizing the gravity of the situation, Corporal Young initiated a thorough DUI investigation.

Following the completion of the investigation, which corroborated suspicions of intoxication, Katrishen was placed under arrest by authorities. With the safety of the community in mind, law enforcement personnel ensured the prompt transportation of the suspect to Marion County Jail.

Upon arrival at the jail, Katrishen underwent further testing, including a breath analysis. The results revealed a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .188, significantly exceeding the legal limit.

The swift and decisive actions taken by Corporal Young underscore the commitment of law enforcement to ensuring public safety and holding individuals accountable for endangering lives through reckless behavior. Katrishen now faces legal consequences for his actions, highlighting the importance of responsible driving and the enforcement of DUI laws to prevent tragedies on the roadways.

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