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Belleview High’s ‘Dream Team’: Three girls headed to play college ball

Missi Sig

On Thursday, February 8, 2024, at Belleview High School at 10400 SE 36th Ave, in The Loft, a proud crowd was gathered at 6:30 PM to congratulate three Girls Softball Seniors that signed their National Letter of Intent. Each of the girls received a full scholarship. These girls mark the 55th, 56th and 57th Girls Softball Scholarships from Belleview High School.

Belleview High School Senior, 17 year old Jordan McLaughlin, #7, signed her NLI to attend college at Catonsville Maryland. Jordan has been playing softball most of her life and is joining her brother who is also a Cardinal.

Gianni (Gigi) Santiago, 18 years old, #2, a Belleview High School Senior, whose mom, Heather, told of Gigi’s love for softball, signed her NLI to commit to Catonsville Maryland as well, becoming a proud Cardinal.

Lynnay Howard, 18 years old, #25, signed her MLI to West Virginia Wesleyan College in Buckhannon, West Virginia. One of Lynnay’s coaches, Coach Larry, told how Lynnay is strong and can swing a bat with power.

All the girls have grown up playing softball with these coaches, these teammates, families that have known them all their lives, they have worked hard at the sport they love and their success is evident. There were many happy tears for their bright futures.

Howard Signs With West Virginia Wesleyan College

Lynnay Howard, 18 years old, signed her NLI with West Virginia Wesleyan Collage in Buckhannon, West Virginia, Lynnay is surrounded by her mom, Monica Howard on the right and her Recruiter, Nicky Bowe on the left.

College Pride At Belleview High

Lynnay Howard, of Belleview High School, shows her college pride as she celebrates her college signing at Belleview High on Thursday, February 8, 2024 at 6:30 PM in The Loft. Lynnay will be attending West Virginia Wesleyan Collage in August.

Gianni Santiago Signs With Catonsville Maryland

Gigi Santiago, 18 years old, is flanked by her older brother, Steavin on the left and their mom, Heather on the right, as she signs her NLI on Thursday, February 8.

Jordan McLaughlin Is Headed To Maryland

Belleview High School’s Jordan McLaughlin, 17 years old, signed her NLI to attend Catonsville Maryland on a full scholarship. Jordan signed as her dad, Darrin and her mom, Danielle, looked on proudly.

Gigi Shows Her New College Colors At BHS

Gianna (Gigi) Santiago shows off her new college colors during a scholarship signing ceremony. Gigi signed with Catonsville Maryland and will be starting in August.

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