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Pair arrested for Summerfield Walmart theft, drugs discovered, and probation violated

Marion County Sheriff Deputies swiftly responded to the Summerfield Walmart on S Highway 441 following reports of a retail theft that led to the arrest of Cortney Coker and Samantha Lester. The investigation unveiled a scheme where both individuals had loaded shopping carts with numerous items, only scanning a fraction of them at the self-checkout.

Cortney Coker’s cart contained stolen items valued at approximately $232, while Samantha Lester’s amounted to around $375. The duo’s attempts to evade payment triggered law enforcement intervention, leading to their immediate apprehension.

As the investigation progressed, a more concerning discovery was made – both Coker and Lester were found to be in possession of drugs. Additionally, Samantha Lester’s involvement in this incident resulted in a violation of her felony probation.

The collaborative efforts of law enforcement revealed the extent of the illicit activities within the Walmart premises, emphasizing the importance of vigilance in preventing retail theft.

Cortney Coker and Samantha Lester now face charges related to the retail theft, and the possession of drugs further compounds the legal consequences. Lester’s violation of felony probation adds another layer to the legal complexities surrounding the case.

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