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WATCH CRASH VIDEOS: Summerfield Residents Decry Safety Hazards on CR 42

Residents of Summerfield are raising concerns about a problematic intersection that has become a hotspot for accidents and safety hazards, exacerbated by a new real estate development in the area. The intersection in question, where CR 42 meets SE 105th Avenue, has seen a surge in traffic due to the construction of the new Sunset Hills subdivision.

According to local residents, the development, initiated by DR Horton, has added significant strain to the already burdened road infrastructure. With approximately 60 homes already built and more under construction, the small side road originally designed for just 10 homes is struggling to cope with the increased volume of vehicles, including construction crews, dump trucks, and service vehicles.

The situation is further complicated by the offset alignment of SE 104th Terrace and SE 105th Avenue, leading to unsafe maneuvers such as drivers making a quick right turn from SE 104th Terrace followed by an immediate left onto SE 105th Avenue. This maneuver, combined with vehicles slowing down from CR 42 to turn onto these roads, creates a chaotic and hazardous environment.

Residents report that the intersection becomes particularly treacherous during peak hours, with congestion and erratic driving behaviors making it virtually impassable between 4 pm to 7 pm.

Local residents have been vocal about their frustrations and safety concerns, highlighting a history of accidents and sometimes fatal tragedies at the intersection dating back to 2019. Despite ongoing appeals, little action has been taken to address the longstanding issues.

With accidents on the rise and the severity of incidents escalating, residents fear for their safety and the well-being of their community. A future issue of the Voice will provide crash data for this intersection, which according to Florida Highway Patrol officials, will take weeks to be provided.

(Videos courtesy of Valerie Trapp)


  1. Diane on February 25, 2024 at 2:14 pm

    Its a terrible spot for accidents

  2. Linda Pisani on February 25, 2024 at 4:01 pm

    Suggestion would be to close off SE 104 th terr, no access to CR42. A few years ago they closed SE115 th Ave off of CR 42 and there were no accidents there. I live on 42 and have a rental on SE 104 th Terr. Hundreds of cars cut through SE 104 th Terr (speeding) everyday.

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