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Belleview Resident’s Home Repair Woes Unfold: Suspect Apprehended

A recent investigation undertaken by the Belleview Police Department shed light on a reported theft from a residence situated at 4900 SE 102nd Pl #67.

On February 14th, 2024, Sgt. Miley of the Belleview Police Department reached out to the victim via phone to delve into the alleged theft. The victim recounted hiring Matthew Larimore (W/M) back in December for various home repair tasks. However, Larimore’s commitment to the job waned over time, eventually resulting in his failure to complete the agreed-upon work at the residence.

Upon a closer inspection, the victim discovered that several tools and materials were missing from her property, prompting suspicions regarding Larimore’s involvement in their disappearance. The estimated value of the missing items tallied up to $702, prompting the victim to seek assistance from law enforcement.

It came to light that Larimore had been apprehended and was currently in custody at the Marion County Jail, albeit on unrelated charges stemming from an out-of-state warrant. While the initial focus of the investigation revolved around Larimore’s failure to fulfill the contracted home repair jobs, his incarceration unveiled potential connections to the reported theft.

As the investigation progresses, officers from the Belleview Police Department are diligently gathering evidence to substantiate the victim’s claims. A probable cause affidavit is currently in progress, outlining Larimore’s suspected involvement in the theft. Once finalized, the affidavit will be forwarded to the Marion County Jail as part of the ongoing legal proceedings.

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