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Spotlight Shines on Animal Shelter’s Longest Resident, BabyGirl

(Photos: MCAS)

Meet BabyGirl, the heartwarming canine longest resident at Marion County Animal Services (MCAS), whose playful spirit and affectionate nature have earned her quite the reputation.

For BabyGirl, each day is a celebration of playtime, and she eagerly awaits the joyous moments spent with her favorite toys—squeaky ones being the top choice. The thrill of a long-range fetch brings out the best in her, showcasing not just her enthusiasm but also her boundless energy.

Beyond her playful antics, BabyGirl unveils her softer side as the cuddliest companion one could ask for. With a heart overflowing with love, she effortlessly sneaks in moments of affection, catching you by surprise with her gentle snuggles.

Despite her lovable nature, BabyGirl finds herself in need of a forever home. Recognizing her extended stay at MCAS, the shelter is delighted to announce a special promotion for the month of February. All adoption fees for BabyGirl are waived, making it an opportune time for potential adopters to welcome this charming canine into their lives.

Those considering adoption are encouraged to visit Marion County Animal Services, where BabyGirl eagerly awaits a new chapter filled with love and companionship. The shelter staff invites the community to come meet BabyGirl and discover the joy of bringing a devoted furry friend into their homes.

In the spirit of love and companionship, seize the chance to make February memorable by adopting BabyGirl and giving her the forever home she deserves.

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