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Routine Traffic Stop Unravels: Local Man Resists Police, Violates Probation

A routine traffic stop took an unexpected turn in the 16500 block of SE 119th Street, as Marion County Sheriff’s Deputy Paddock intercepted a vehicle without a visible tag. The driver, identified as Jesse Raffield, opted to pull into a residential driveway and head toward the home, setting off a chain of events that resulted in his arrest.

Upon instructing Raffield to return to his vehicle, Deputy Paddock encountered resistance as the driver refused to comply. Despite the directive, Raffield’s journey toward the residence persisted, prompting the deputy to intervene.

As Deputy Paddock detained Raffield, the situation escalated, leading to a brief struggle. Law enforcement persevered, eventually handcuffing the driver and bringing the situation under control.

A subsequent check of Raffield’s records revealed multiple suspensions on his license, prompting further legal action. Raffield was placed under arrest and transported to the Marion County Jail. Notably, the arrest triggered a violation of his felony probation related to DUI, adding another layer to the legal consequences he now faces.

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