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South Marion Shines at Southeastern Youth Fair

Local Youths Proud To Showcase Results Of Their Hard Work

Awards have been aplenty for South Marion exhibitors at the ongoing Southeastern Youth Fair in Ocala. Above, on left, is Caleb Smith with the Belleview Bald Eagles 4H Club, along side Carlos, his Steer, weighing in at 1,235 Ibs with back fat of .68. Caleb is a Junior at Belleview High School. Above on right are Andrew Barber and Brady Nease with Lake Weir High School FFA’s chapter goat named “Bolt”, who was 5th in his class.

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Kylie And Asher Prepare For Steer Show

Kylie Godwin gives us a sneak peek at Asher. Kylie is with the Lucky Learners 4H Club and she is a Junior at Belleview High School. Asher tipped the scale at 1,130 Ibs, with back fat .37.

Southeastern Youth Fair Celebrates The Steer

Hailey Shannon of Belleview High’s SR FFA, a Junior at Belleview High School, shows the love she has for Willard, her Steer that weighed in at 1,220 lbs with back fat .55. The Steer Show was on Monday, February 26, 2024.

Southeastern Youth Fair Recognizes Seniors Exhibitors In The Steer Show

On Monday, February 26, 2024, the Southeastern Youth Fair recognized the Seniors throughout the county that participated in the Steer Show at the Southeastern Livestock Pavilion. These kids put their heart and soul into their steer and the love they have for the steer is evident.

Mariah Armstrong

Lake Weir High School FFA’s Mariah Armstrong poses with her lamb. The Lake Weir High FFA chapter had an outstanding performance throughout the fair.

Reagan Barlow

Belleview High School FFA’s Reagan Barlow, on left, is looked over by the lamb judge along with two other exhibitors. Barlow showed a total of four lambs at the recent show. Among her accomplishments, Reagan secured 3rd place with her Market Lamb. She was victorious with her Senior Breeding Ewe and Blackface Senior Breeding Ewe, securing 1st place in both categories.

Belleview Middle FFA Chapter Lamb

Belleview Middle FFA students pose for a picture with their chapter lamb. Justin Ciraco, owner of Ciraco Underground, purchased the Belleview Middle FFA chapter lamb, benefitting over 200 agricultural students that are enrolled at Belleview Middle School.

Brant Cagle & Myrtle

Brant Cagle of the Lake Weir High School FFA earned a third place ribbon with his breeding ewe named Myrtle.

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