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Twelve Years Later: Rescued Dog’s Incredible Journey Home to Former Family


(Photos: Marion County Animal Services)

In a heartwarming turn of events, a dog named Beau found his way back to his former foster family after an astonishing 12-year absence. The touching reunion came about as part of a rescue operation by Marion County Animal Services, which saved 53 dogs from distressing conditions at an overwhelmed sanctuary in Ocala on Feb. 1.

Upon rescue, each dog underwent thorough intake procedures, including a microchip scan. Among the few microchip readings, one led the team to Pasco County Animal Services, where diligent efforts revealed an unexpected connection.

Pasco’s records, meticulously maintained since 2012, uncovered the microchip’s owner: Jean Rivera, a volunteer who had fostered Beau over a decade ago. Jean’s memories of Beau flooded back, as did photos from his time in her care, as she recounted fostering the lovable pooch for about a month before he found a home with a young family.


Upon learning of Beau’s discovery, Marion County Animal Control Supervisor Jenn Correnti reached out to Jean, hoping to gather more details about the dog’s history. Moved by the news, Jean wasted no time and, accompanied by her granddaughter, embarked on a journey to reunite with Beau.

Within hours, Beau was joyfully reunited with his foster family, marking the end of a 12-year separation that had left both Beau and his foster family longing for each other’s company.

This heartwarming tale underscores the significance of microchipping in reuniting lost pets with their owners. Marion County Animal Services offers microchipping services for just $15, emphasizing the importance of ensuring pets’ safety and well-being.

While Beau’s reunion brings a glimmer of hope and joy, the team at Marion County Animal Services remains committed to finding loving homes for the remaining dogs rescued from the cruelty case. Those interested in adopting, fostering, or volunteering can reach out to Marion County Animal Services at 352-671-8700 or visit to learn how they can make a difference.

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