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No Injuries Reported After Rollover Crash

(Photos: Ocala Fire Rescue)

A speedy response from Ocala Fire Rescue successfully resolved a morning traffic incident near the 3800 block of SW College Road, nearby the I-75 intersection. The call came in at approximately 7:23 a.m., reporting a vehicle accident with a rollover.

Upon reaching the scene, emergency crews discovered a white sedan with moderate damage to its passenger side and a blue SUV, which had lost its passenger side wheel, overturned. Remarkably, both drivers emerged from the vehicles without significant injuries and were ambulatory.

Despite the initial severity of the incident, no injuries were reported. Collaborative efforts between the Ocala Police Department and Marion County Fire Rescue facilitated the prompt clearance of the roadway. As of now, regular traffic patterns have resumed, marking the successful resolution of the situation and a testament to the efficiency of emergency response teams in Ocala.

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