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Heartwarming Rescue Tale: Local Firefighters Save Newborn Calf

(Photos: Marion County Fire Rescue)

In a heartening display of compassion and collaboration, Marion County Station 6 firefighters have not only rescued but also adopted a newborn calf, fondly named Maybelle, after a touching incident unfolded recently.

A distressed man and his son sought help from Station 6, reporting a newborn calf trapped in the swamp, left vulnerable after its mother tragically passed away during birth. Without hesitation, Station 6 units bravely entered the swamp, successfully rescuing the helpless calf and bringing her back to the warmth of the station.

In a surprising twist of fate, the St. John’s River Management District connected MCFR Captain Justin McKinney with the concerned farmer. Demonstrating remarkable generosity, the farmer decided to donate the calf to Justin, creating a silver lining in this bittersweet rescue.

The dedicated crew at Station 6 immediately embraced their newfound responsibility, taking turns bottle-feeding Maybelle throughout the night to ensure she felt the love and care she needed.

Now, the heartwarming story takes a permanent turn as Maybelle has found her forever home with the McKinney family. The firefighters, who initially rescued her, have become her adoptive family, showcasing the profound bond between firefighters and the lives they touch, whether human or animal.

This tale is not just about a rescue; it’s a testament to the strength of community, the power of kindness, and the extraordinary connections forged in the line of duty.

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