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Ambulance Collides Head-On in Morning Accident

(Photos: Marion County Fire Rescue)

In a concerning incident today, March 5, 2024, an MCFR Rescue ambulance, designated as #531, was involved in a head-on collision at 8:55 am. The collision occurred with a red passenger vehicle near the intersection of SW 83rd Ave Road and SW Highway 484. The ambulance was en route non-emergency to a routine medical call when the incident transpired, prompting an urgent response from additional emergency units due to reported injuries.

Upon radioing dispatch about the collision, Rescue #531 requested the dispatch of an Engine and another Rescue unit to respond emergently. Both vehicles were found on the side of the road when emergency units arrived.

Engine #31 and Rescue #31 swiftly reached the scene at 9:01 am, discovering the driver of the passenger car trapped in the wreckage. Without delay, crews declared the driver a trauma alert and initiated extrication procedures at 9:02 am. The extrication process concluded at 9:23 am, allowing the driver to be promptly transported to a local trauma hospital.

The Firefighter/Paramedic and Firefighter/EMT on board Rescue #531 were evaluated on the scene by Firefighter Paramedics, subsequently being transported to a local hospital for further assessment of their non-life-threatening injuries.

The Florida Highway Patrol has taken charge of investigating the cause of the accident. While the road was temporarily closed for the investigation, it has since been reopened to normal traffic flow. Authorities continue to gather information to determine the circumstances leading to this morning’s collision.

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