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Altercation Ends with Taser: Deputies Bring Unruly Suspect Under Control

In a quick response to reports of property destruction and disruptive behavior, Marion County Sheriff Corporal Pope and Deputy Thompson rushed to the 5400 block of Avenue J in McIntosh. The incident involved Paul Covaleski, who had been repeatedly reported for his unruly actions and was discovered to have an active warrant for Violation of Probation.

Upon reaching the scene, deputies encountered resistance from Covaleski as they attempted to execute the arrest. The situation escalated, leading to physical resistance. In a bid to gain control, law enforcement resorted to utilizing a taser, successfully subduing Covaleski.

Following the intervention, Covaleski was apprehended without further incident and promptly transported to the county jail. The arrest not only addressed the active warrant for Violation of Probation but also brought an end to the disruptive behavior and property destruction that prompted the initial response.

This arrest marks Covaleski’s seventh booking at Marion County Jail since 2015.

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