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Sarah Almeida Dennis Is No Politician – That’s Why We Need Her

Voice Editorial Board:

We hear it all of the time. Rapid development, exacerbated by a poorly equipped infrastructure, is crippling Marion County. This sentiment is often echoed by residents, both longstanding and newcomers alike. With pressing issues ranging from infrastructure deficits caused by irresponsibly rapid growth, to fiscal responsibility, it’s clear that we need leadership on the Marion County Board of County Commissioners that will look out for the ordinary citizen.

That’s where Sarah Almeida Dennis comes in – a candidate uniquely positioned to represent District 1 and steer Marion County in the right direction. In an age when everyone complains on social media, this local woman has decided to take action. Sarah is running for office to serve her neighbors and restore the traditional values that once made Marion County such a great place to grow up and raise a family in.

Sarah isn’t your typical career politician. Actually, she isn’t a politician at all. Sarah has never held public office and in this unfortunate age, many would agree that’s probably a good thing. Without any established political connections or affiliations, Sarah feels a greater sense of accountability to the public. She will be more responsive to the needs and concerns of community. She comes with zero political baggage and no entanglements or influence from special interests.

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Sarah is a lifelong resident of Marion County who is deeply invested in the well-being of our community. Her candidacy represents a refreshing departure from the status quo, offering a genuine commitment to Marion County’s future.

Central to Sarah’s platform is the need to balance growth with infrastructure development. Out-of-control and unchecked growth, coupled with poor (or totally absent) infrastructure planning, are undoubtedly among the largest concerns of many Marion County residents. Sarah’s candidacy answers the call that so many have made for a more common sense approach. She understands the importance of managing growth, ensuring that our county moves forward sustainably while maintaining a strong quality of life for all residents.

With her leadership, we can address longstanding deficiencies and build a stronger foundation for our community’s future.

Fiscal responsibility is another chief objective of Sarah’s campaign. With conservative values and a keen eye for prudent spending, she pledges to safeguard taxpayer dollars and prioritize essential services.

As both a parent and grandparent, Sarah’s personal stake in Marion County’s future is undeniable. Her family-focused perspective underscores her dedication to creating a safe, prosperous environment for generations to come.

Additionally, Sarah advocates for the establishment of a no-kill animal shelter – a cause close to the hearts of many Marion County residents. By championing animal welfare, she demonstrates compassion, a quality essential for effective leadership.

Real Change Requires Collective Action:

Sarah cannot achieve these goals alone. She needs our support – both in gathering petition signatures and securing financial contributions, to propel her campaign forward. As Sarah rightly emphasizes, real change requires collective action.

This grassroots campaign will require the help of the community in order to succeed. All who’d like to help are encouraged to contact Sarah at 352-425-2713 or by email at

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