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Meth and Mayhem: Deputy takes down Machete-Wielding Menace

In a response to a reported disturbance on Thursday, March 7, Marion County Sheriff Corporal Carlos Arias arrived at a residence, uncovering a harrowing situation involving Jeremy Kendrick. Arias’s investigation revealed that Kendrick had threatened two victims with a machete, escalating a confrontation as they attempted to flee in a vehicle.

Kendrick’s aggression continued as he relentlessly smashed the vehicle’s windows, maintaining his menacing threats against the victims. Matters took a more dangerous turn when he forcibly removed the victims from the vehicle, subjecting them to physical battery. A third victim, attempting to intervene, faced further threats from Kendrick.

Corporal Arias, demonstrating quick thinking and courage, successfully disarmed Kendrick, bringing the volatile situation under control. Kendrick was promptly arrested and transported to jail, where he now faces a long list of charges related to the disturbance.

The investigation revealed an alarming twist as Kendrick was found to be in possession of methamphetamine, fentanyl, and drug paraphernalia, compounding the gravity of the incident.

The victims, while enduring a traumatic experience, found relief through the decisive actions of Corporal Arias.

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