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Noise Complaints: Belleview Pressing Forward With Bamboo Buffer

By Bryce Abshier – Contact

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As the saga of loud music coming from the recently opened Tropical Vibes Bar continues to unfold, City of Belleview officials are moving forward with a strategy to install a bamboo buffer. Their aim is to alleviate the distress of neighboring households affected by the late-night booming bass.

A larger than normal crowd of unhappy Belleview residents made their presence felt at a recent meeting of the Belleview City Commission to voice their discontent with Tropical Vibes music. Their homes, along SE 110th Lane, are only a few feet away from the business, which has become a booming late-night attraction. At the time these developments were built in the 1980s along C-25 in Belleview, lack of foresight provided for little buffer between the residences and businesses.

“Friday night and Saturday night, that music pounded so bad for eight hours that I literally thought I was going to go insane,” explained one distraught resident who has called SE 110th Lane home for 25 years. She went on to explain the noise has disrupted regular Bible study held at her home. For the prior decades of her residence, the Tropical Vibes location was home to Cal’s Place Restaurant – a quiet diner that caused no disturbances.

“You can’t do anything to get away from it,” a separate resident told commissioners, referring to the bass.

Belleview authorities have grappled with addressing concerns raised by residents living near the bar. Despite complaints, Tropical Vibes operates within its designated zoning. As such, a nuisance ordinance that Belleview has historically used for noise complaints does not apply to Tropical Vibes.

Feeling the need to take action, Belleview City Staff sought advice from the Ocoee Bamboo Farm on installing a bamboo barrier, with an estimated cost of $6,500. According to city staff, the property owner where Tropical Vibes is located has agreed to the installation of the buffer as long as it does not cost him anything. If this plan goes through, there will be a written agreement with the property owner stipulating that the buffer can not be removed.

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  1. Molly Dollar on March 15, 2024 at 2:20 pm

    Wouldn’t it make more sense for the city to offer the building owner the money to sound proof the building? Once the building that was built and used as a restaurant not a night club is sound proofed no more problem.
    Planting bamboo that may or not fix the problem plus the wall to try and keep the plant from spreading plus the caretaking of the bamboo to get it established and any future damage by storms, hurricanes etc. may turn out to be way for expensive than soundproofing.
    Officials need to think things through. Just because the property is zoned for bars/nightclubs doesn’t mean it should be allowed without some consideration of noise problems.

    • Barb on March 19, 2024 at 4:02 am

      I have a mature bamboo hedge on my property line next to the road the only thing bamboo is going to do is block the view. It has never decreased the sound of traffic. You might want to first come check out property that has bamboo before wasting all that money.
      I second the first suggestion of soundproofing the building.

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