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Doug Green Has Strong Roots In Belleview – 2013 Founder’s Review

By Louise Deegan –  Originally published in the 2013 Founder’s Review

Doug and his wife Maudie moved to Belleview on October 31, 1979. They moved into the staff house for the First Baptist Church of Belleview. He had been hired to be the Minister of Education by Rev. Damon Walker. The church was going through a growth period and he became the only full time staff member at the time. He was born in his grandmothers house in Whistler, AL which is near Mobile.

Doug graduated from Murphy High School in Mobile in 1957. Attended Marion Military Institution and enlisted in the Army Reserves and served 16 years in the artillery unit and made Sergeant. He was a barber for 10 years, then went to New Orleans Baptist Theology Seminary School of Religious Education for two years for his degree. He went back to Mobile, as the Education Director of Moffett Road Baptist Church for two and a half years. He also served six years as Minister of Education with the First Baptist Church in Selma, AL.

Then he came to Belleview and has stayed here because he feels the Lord wanted him to be here. He and Maude were married April 3, 1959 in Mobile and have three children and one granddaughter who is 13 years old. In Selma he was the Volunteer Chaplain for the police department. In 1980 Phil Thompson, who was a member of the church and also Chief of the Belleview Volunteer Fire Department asked him about being the Chaplain for the Belleview Volunteer Fire Department and he accepted. He did this until the department was dissolved because the county was putting paid firemen in the department. Doug said, “The last day as a volunteer department was a blue day” for the firemen as they were no longer needed. Doug was honored by receiving the James Deegan Award one year from the fire department.

While in the fire department they collected used toys, refurbished them and handed them out to some needy families. The looks on the faces of the children made all the work worth while. Once they were delivering toys and got a call. They took the call and then went back to delivering toys.

He was approached in 1984 by Bob Howie, Chief of the Belleview Police Department to be the Chaplain for the department and he refused. When asked again he accepted. He has performed two weddings for staff members of the police department. One for a secretary and one for the current police chief. He also performed a memorial service for Emerson Walker who had been selected as Fireman of the Year the year before he died. They were called on a rescue call to Buck and Doe on SR 42. Before they got there their call was cancelled because an ambulance had arrived. Emerson was glad and said, “They would not like to see me there”. Referring to a black person in that neck of the woods.

Doug is also the Chaplain for the Ocala Police Department and Chaplain for the Belleview Fire Department. He has gone on “ride along” with Larry Bryant of the Belleview Police Department. He has only had to go on two death notification rides. He was requested to officiate at several funerals for people they delivered the death notifications for. One was to the parents of a son that passed away in Texas.

The parents were members of the church. On another “ride along” event they went to an accident at Sunset Harbor Road and US 441-27. It was a fatality but the Highway Patrol did not investigate it as a fatality. Doug took pictures of the accident. Later when they were going to court with the driver responsible Doug was handed a subpoena to appear the week they had planned their vacation. When he called the court about being out of town he was told he had to be there. They decided to have him take his pictures to the judge and he did not have to appear but they used the pictures in the case. When the pictures were shown the defendant took a plea bargain.

One of the things that amazed Doug was at how fast a mobile home would burn. They were destroyed before the fire department could get there. Oldest daughter Becky Reeves lives in Alpin, FL and worked for Barnett Bank. The other daughter, Debbie Green is a seventh grade math teacher at Lake Weir High School. The youngest child is Bob, who works with IBM in Poughkeepsie, NY. Bob went to Lake Weir Middle School for two years and graduated from Lake Weir High School in 1984. He played in the band all six years and Doug was the Band Treasurer. He was also Chaplain for the Football Team when Greg McWhite was Booster President.

Maude works part-time at Hiers Funeral Home but was the first full-time secretary. She also worked at the First Baptist Church in Belleview when they first moved to Belleview. She has served on the Belleview Zoning and Planning Board when they lived in the city. Doug also works part-time at Belleview Funeral Home which is now Hiers-Baxley. He was on the staff at Belleview First Baptist Church for 18 years.

Doug at one time took pictures and wrote articles for the Voice. He considers Jim Waldron as one of his best friends. When asked about what has changed most about Belleview. The change he first mentioned was the traffic. Belleview only had one traffic light at 441/27 and SR 484 and C-25 when they moved to Belleview. There are more businesses and now have McDonald’s, Burger King, Publix Shopping Center, K-mart, Fire Department going from a volunteer to paid department and the growth of The Voice of South Marion from one room in their home to their own building. Also the First Baptist Church built a new sanctuary in 1985 and then the Children’s Education Center.

Doug loves to cook breakfast and wash the dishes on his days off. His daughter likes his chocolate chip waffles.

When asked if he ever thought about moving he said, “I thought about going back to Mobile, but my roots are strong enough here now so I am staying.”

Maudie And Doug Green working the Hiers Funeral Service booth at the 1998 Founder’s Day celebration

Doug Green, First Baptist Church, Debbie Read, owner of the Rainbow Bible Book Store and Kenneth Vickery, Oklawaha United Methodist Church at the Grand Opening of the store n February of 1990.

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