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Detour Alert: I-75 Ramp Repairs Reroute Traffic

The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) has issued a traffic advisory for motorists traveling along Interstate 75 (I-75) in Ocala, particularly at the U.S. 27 and State Road (S.R.) 40 interchanges. From March 17 to March 28, nightly ramp closures will be in effect between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. to facilitate essential maintenance repairs.

Crews will commence work at the U.S. 27 interchange before proceeding to the S.R. 40 interchange. Notably, only one ramp will be closed at a time to minimize disruption.

The following ramp closures are scheduled during this period:

Southbound I-75 off-ramp to U.S. 27

U.S. 27 on-ramp to southbound I-75

All four ramps at the S.R. 40 interchange

Motorists are advised to adhere to posted message board signs and follow detour routes to reach their destinations. Depending on their direction of travel, drivers can utilize the previous or subsequent interchange.

FDOT emphasizes the importance of exercising caution, reducing speed, avoiding distractions, and obeying posted signage when approaching the work zones. Please note that all schedules are subject to change due to inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances. Stay informed and plan your travels accordingly to ensure a safe journey.

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