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Belleview Police Officer Recognized for Role in Arrest of ATM Theft Suspect

Officer Tony Eaglen, of the Belleview Police Department, has been recognized by Sheriff Billy Woods for exemplary police work related to multiple stolen ATM machines throughout Marion County.

In the predawn hours of New Year’s Day, a crime unfolded as two unidentified individuals pilfered an ATM from a local business before attempting a similar heist elsewhere in the community. Their unlawful activities didn’t end there, as the duo persisted in their spree, targeting ATMs across Marion County in subsequent days.

In response to the initial incident, Officer Tony Eaglen of the Belleview Police Department launched an investigation, piecing together evidence in an effort to identify the perpetrators. Through Eaglen’s efforts, crucial information regarding the suspect vehicle emerged, aiding detectives in honing in on the primary suspect, Hakeem Webb.

Last week, Officer Eaglen’s exemplary contributions to the investigation were acknowledged by Sheriff Billy Woods and the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, recognizing his pivotal role in bringing the case to a resolution.

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