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Letter: Development! At What Cost?

Letter to the Editor:

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After experiencing all the traffic and the recent videos on the Voice of South Marion facebook page its high time the people responsible for all this development put the brakes on.

All these developers want is cheaper land, mostly agriculture on two lane roads at that, so they can have it rezoned to a Planned Unit Development, which means they can put as many houses as they can fit on the land with most homes being only 5 to 10 feet apart.

Development is suppose to pay for itself with the impact fees but it isn’t happening. Roads are over run, schools are beginning to get over crowded, and what happened to all the concern for water shortages?

Marion county does not have the infrastructure to accommodate all this development.

Marion County needs to impose a higher impact fee on these developers, make them have reasonable sized R-1 residential lots, provide open space in each subdivision for playgrounds, dog walking, etc.

Of course the county commissioners will say “but we will reap more tax money”, but at what expense? Our beautiful Marion County is turning into an ugly, unkept, congested area. Just think in 5 to 10 years when all these developments are built out, and the developers have their money and run, what happens to the lowly residents? Its time the county commissioners put the residents first.

Of course they will say we have to rezone when asked. Maybe thats true but they have the ability to decide lot sizes, coverage area, and traffic impact.

They need to start thinking about what is ahead. Yes, there will be more tax money, but there will also be higher cost for fire, police, schools, utilities, roads, recreation areas, you name it. This is going to effect all taxpayers!



There are thousands of people who were born here or came to this county for the beauty, serenity, bought their little pieces of heaven in the rural area and are now surround by subdivisions on all sides, congested roads, with accident after accident, homelessness everywhere, more crime, private property being littered with trash, camps, and squatters.

So this is what we can look forward to while wealthy investors, out-of-town builders, insurance agencies, mortgage companies, banks, and engineers get rich off of destroying Marion County.

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A Very Concerned Marion County Resident

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  1. Jennifer on March 23, 2024 at 6:47 pm

    They don’t care one way or another about the citizens it’s all about whose pad and whose pockets in this County and it has been for a long time now. They’re going to take the money and run just like the developers they don’t care. The same way that the animal shelter is overcrowded and they’re doing nothing about that yet they’re building schools for children that aren’t even here yet on the southwest side of town but dogs are dying in our shelter on a regular basis and they don’t care about building that first never mind the fact that all these homes they’re destroying all the land for are going to bring more animals and more people that we can accommodate but somebody’s making a buck somewhere. They don’t care that it takes an extra 25 minutes to get five miles down the road cuz of traffic and if you want to consider the fact that all these properties in these homes they’re building nobody that lives here can actually afford to move into any of them with the wages versus how much the rent is they are accommodating people that are not residents in this County on top of it. Who wants to pay $1,500 or $2,000 for a 600 ft studio apartment I don’t care where it’s at that’s absolutely asinine and they should not be approving this for the economy that we have and the wages in this area don’t support that kind of rent in my opinion. They are destroying this County and tearing down every bit of natural habitat that we have for any wildlife and it’s not going to be undone Unfortunately they are creating a permanent destruction for this County!

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