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Tased and Confused: Deputy Zaps Summerfield Man with Fentanyl Stash

In a high-stakes pursuit, Marion County Deputy Cetin raced to the scene of a burglary in progress at the 14800 block of SE 48th Court.

Upon arrival, the scene resembled a game of cat and mouse as Kyle Gibson made a break for it. Despite commands to halt, Gibson continued his sprint, prompting Deputy Cetin to deploy a taser, bringing the chase to an abrupt end as Gibson was promptly apprehended.

But the surprises didn’t end there. A subsequent search uncovered a significant haul – 17.5 grams of fentanyl along with drug paraphernalia concealed in Gibson’s possession.

With the evidence in hand, Gibson’s escapades landed him a direct route to the Marion County Jail, where he’ll have plenty of time to contemplate the consequences of his actions.

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