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ROAD RAGE: Belleview Man Shoots at Vehicle with 5-month-old Baby Inside

Marion County Deputies sprang into action following a harrowing road rage incident that unfolded in the 9500 block of S Highway 441. The victim, shaken but unharmed, recounted a chilling encounter where another driver had recklessly fired shots at his vehicle, occupied by himself, his fiancée, and their 5-month-old baby. A visible bullet hole marred the rear bumper, serving as a stark reminder of the danger they had narrowly escaped.

Determined to bring the perpetrator to justice, deputies launched a thorough investigation, eventually honing in on Justin Unrue as the prime suspect. Unrue was promptly located and subjected to questioning. A crucial witness account further implicated Unrue, alleging that he had brandished a pistol, loaded it, and fired at the victim’s vehicle without hesitation.

In the face of mounting evidence, Unrue found himself in handcuffs, arrested on multiple felony charges. With quick action, Marion County Deputies ensured that a dangerous individual was removed from the streets, underscoring their commitment to protecting the community from such brazen acts of violence.

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