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Letter: Senior Customers Dislike Self-Checkout

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Letter to the editor:

My story starts with the Winn Dixie Market in Belleview on March 3, 2024. Now, mind you, a lot of seniors will shop early to avoid crowds, kids, and pets. I was at the market early on this beautiful morning, doing my shopping. My cart was completely full to the point of overflowing. I went to find an open checkout, but not this morning. Only automatic – do-it-yourself check and bag stations were available. This does not work for me. I found a store employee and asked for a lane to be opened up. I was told they can’t do that; I had to use the self-checkout. I pointed to my cart and informed the employee that if a lane was not opened, I would leave the cart and walk out. I don’t spend over $200 only to be told I have to do it myself. I was told that checkers did not come in until 10 am.

By now, it was 9:30 am, and several folks were lining up behind me with their carts, all feeling the same way as myself. The line, both male and female, consisted of more folks complaining about the same thing. We are not using do-it-yourself lines; we are paying too much for our grocery needs now.

By the time a store employee told me I could be checked out at the Service Desk, my line was growing. We may be seniors, but we understand not everyone will be told what we have to do. I was told at the service desk that big orders were not supposed to be checked out there. However, they took me and everyone behind me to shut us up. I even asked for the manager, but I was told they didn’t know where she was or if she was even there. Some way to run a big market!

At the cost of groceries, you can bet we are not going to do the self-check and bag. Not in a lot of people’s world. Hire more people if that’s what is needed. But you can bet, myself and many others will walk away and leave full carts setting before we will do it ourselves..



(Thoughts? Have your letter to the editor published here!)

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