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Storm’s Wrath: Lightning Strike Sparks House Fire

(Photos: Marion County Fire Rescue)

On March 27, 2024, a harrowing ordeal unfolded in Dunnellon as Marion County Fire Rescue (MCFR) crews battled a relentless inferno, triggered by a lightning strike. The call for aid came at 3:37 pm, beckoning MCFR units to the 2300 block of Northwest Buena Vista Road, where a residential structure was engulfed in flames following a direct hit by lightning.

Upon arrival at 3:51 pm, MCFR Rainbow Springs Station #22 encountered a daunting scene – a two-story home fully ablaze, with the inferno devouring the attic and roof. With flames raging through the structure, Battalion Chief #5 swiftly assumed command, orchestrating a coordinated response from multiple stations to combat the fire’s fury. Firefighters from Dunnellon Station #3, Golden Ocala Station #20, Shady Station #16, and MCFR Volunteer Stations #14 and #25 rallied to the scene, ready to confront the blaze head-on.

Undeterred by the perilous conditions, firefighters launched a relentless assault, employing multiple hose lines in a determined bid to quench the flames. Under the watchful eye of Division Chief #1, safety protocols were rigorously enforced as crews waged an intense battle against the inferno. Their efforts bore fruit, as the fire was ultimately brought under control at 4:46 pm, thanks in part to the utilization of multiple tankers, including support from Levy County Fire Rescue.

Amidst the chaos, a silver lining emerged as the cause of the fire was swiftly attributed to the capricious whims of nature – a lightning strike. Nevertheless, the toll on the affected family was profound, prompting the activation of the American Red Cross to provide much-needed assistance to those displaced by the devastating blaze.

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