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AutoZone Faces Million Dollar Civil Jury Verdict in Ocala

Ocala-based Personal Injury Firm Piccin & Glynn secured over a Million-Dollar Jury Verdict in a Slip-and-Fall Case on Thursday, March 28, 2024. The trial team of John Piccin, Katie Glynn, and Gary Vasquez litigated the case for years before bringing it to a Marion County jury.

The four-day trial was against the defendant, Autozone Stores, LLC.  For years, Autozone denied liability for the dangerous condition in its parking lot, which caused the plaintiff to fall and sustain serious injuries.

Through the testimony of numerous Autozone employees, the plaintiff proved that Autozone was aware of the transmission fluid spill for approximately an hour and failed to clean it up, violating Florida law and its safety procedures.

For the first time, during the trial, Autozone admitted it knew about the spill and took no action to clean it up when it should have, but  Autozone continued to place most or all of the blame for the fall on the plaintiff, who was carrying her one-year-old child at the time. The jury returned a verdict totaling $1,037,968.14.

“We litigated this case for years and finally brought the case to a Marion County jury in order to get justice for our client.  This significant verdict will, we hope, will change our client’s life for the better.” noted Attorney Katie Glynn.

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