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Underwear Contraband Caper: Man’s Jailhouse Junk in Trunk Fail

Marion County deputies recently swooped into action at the Florida Correctional Institute on NW Gainesville Road. Their mission? Foil Norris Pender’s audacious attempt at a jailhouse drug delivery service.

Corporal Fabian intervened at the Florida Correctional Institute to crash Norris Pender’s party. Turns out, Pender thought he could sneak in some unconventional party favors for his inmate buddy – a hefty stash of methamphetamine and suboxone strips, all tucked snugly in his underwear.

But surprise, surprise – Facility staff had their eyes peeled during a routine pre-visit screening and busted Pender’s sneaky scheme. Talk about a tight squeeze.

Now, Pender’s not chilling with his inmate pal but getting cozy within the cool confines of Marion County jail. Looks like his smuggling stint didn’t quite go as planned.

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