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Pain Pills Plundered: Suspect Arrested After Home Invasion

In a recent turn of events, Marion County Detective Wilson responded to a home on SW 2nd Street. His mission? Apprehending none other than Edward Almond.

This wasn’t your run-of-the-mill visit, though. Almond, it seems, had been up to some nefarious activities earlier this month. Reports suggest he not only unlawfully entered a victim’s home but also resorted to violence, leaving the resident battered. As if that weren’t enough, Almond allegedly made off with a stash of prescription pain medication.

However, Detective Wilson wasn’t one to be deterred. A thorough search of Almond’s own residence ensued, revealing damning evidence: pill bottles bearing the victim’s name and a distinctive blue basket, the very basket the victim used to store his medication. With the pieces falling into place, Almond’s fate was sealed. The handcuffs clicked shut, and he was promptly escorted to Marion County Jail.

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