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Belleview Alumni Reconnect at Historic Luncheon

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Belleview’s nostalgic spirit was alive and well as classmates gathered at the residence of Don and Freida Shaulis on Friday, March 22, for a delightful covered dish luncheon.

The occasion wasn’t just about food; it was a chance to step back in time, reminiscing over cherished memories. The event held special significance as these classmates shared a unique bond – they had all attended Belleview Grammar School together, spanning grades 1 through 8. The school building now serves as Belleview City Hall, adding an extra layer of nostalgia to the gathering.

Among those in attendance were familiar faces from the past were (first row) Helen Bullman, Virginia Moody Gwaltney, (second row) Don Shaulis, Ken Shaulis, Frances Wallace Shaulis, Joe Gwaltney, June Monroe Bowman, Mildred Taylor Jackson, Joan Pittman Kilgoar, Pratt Brantley. It was evident that the bonds forged in childhood remained as strong as ever. Their shared journey began all those years ago in Belleview Grammar School.

(Thoughts? Have your letter to the editor published here!)

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